Me Smiling

I am now almost 3 months and as you can see I can now smile and show that I am Happy !! This is thanks to my mommy.



photo-4 copy 9
Me and my grandma (dads mom) before going dinner tonight.


My wook friday

On friday my parents had dinner on a wook restaurant and for the first time I was with both my uncles. It felt good actually Only god knows what these guys will do to me !!!

photo-4 copy 7
Uncle Soja and Andreas


My saturday outfit, I got this outfit from some patients of my dad, I think actually they did very well, I look good In it… anet !!!

photo-4 copy 6
Thanks Ronny and wifey

Hello 2015

My Dad took me and mom to Cordoba which is a small city 200 km from where we live. We spent new years eve there and started our 2015 on sunny streets of Cordoba as a happy family, Although I am to small to understand or even remember this day, it was a  good effort as we be able to look back to these photos. So well done DAD.

My new year outfit.


I received so many greetings from family, so I greeted family back.
scary hmmm

X-mas drink with dads colleague


This evening we where invited to see Daniel and Hannah. Daniel is the guy next to my dad. He and his partner has 2 sons Oscar and Lucas, Oscar is 5 years and Lucas is 2. There were also another couple there friends of Daniel. At the moments when I am lost from the world and disconnected  I feel my parents just having me as an excuse to hang around for some drinks. At least you can see me on this photo:)



On Saturday we spent some time o the beach of San Pedro. The weather was beautiful so we had a sunny walk. I think this photo is to show off my pram.

Fin de semana


Last Night I was missing my dad so much so I made my mom send him this photo. Unfortunately he was home by 21.00 and so tired he gave a shit about me.

photo-3 copy

So he felt guilty buy saturday morning and took me for a ride. My mom stayed at home so I wonder who shot this photo !

My first bank holiday

photo-4 copy 5

Today I had my first bank holiday, My dad was of work so we decided to have a walk on  Marbella beach. My mom dressed me in baby Levi’s jeans and a hoody from Marc Jacobs, I think my dad found me rather cute so he couldnt resist a photo. Soon I should get paid for this.

photo-4 copy 4
With my grandparents

Everyone smiling but me !