summer 2018

It has been some time now, well not that long but a few weeks at least, We have been spending a few days in Dubai and celebrated Sams 39th,  I am still waiting to have my first brick in.

family by the pool and making my own drinks
Legoland was like a zombieland just that day was the worst sandstorm so it was really grey
But then I loved the ice cream the view and boating with daddy
Sams 39 at plage de Casanis, he is probably thinking what his next drink should be.
I put this in my mouth and then I PADING in relax mode.
Finally my private swim teacher Nacho hands out my gold star as I am now well trained swimmer and diver, I am still under 4. suck it …..

Finishing April in good mood

April was a good month, We have finished the work at salon. have had great time with amu Soja and did my second season of skeeing at Sierra Nevada.

We started of at the tortuga lake..
And finished of at picasso.
MA and daddy at the lodge.. super time we had
with all the family …

Mars 2018 out

Mars has been as the planet Mars. windy, grey and bit cold and unpredictable. But then it has also been full of events work and presents, and family gatherings

we celebrated persian new year at farfar, thanks to all for all the gifts.

fathersday he received a superman gift which both farfar and formor was fascinated about.
My private swimming class with Nacho having my absolute first donute, Picnic at sanpedro beach and getting use to cutting machine.
leaving kids club
to celebrate opening of Nobu hotel
and finally last day of mars…. rolling last bit of the grass with Twiggy and Billy..




Feb out

It has been a hell of feb. I have started a new reform at my moms salon, expanding with my own business. I have celebrated Valentine and started to use my BMX. More to come in Mars…

Project managing and bricking up

starting 2018

I started 2018 by moving out of Juan Belmonte. I left my baby room for better and as I usually say to daddy Bygga Huset. I have also been involved in a new project which my mom is starting, it seems she is going to use something related to me.

So overall stressful Jan, but hey Celine birthday was fantastic.



Rome New Year 2017

Daddy made a last minute decision to take us to Rome for a few days and spend new year in this holy city. We had a great time with lots of salami and mortadella.

A bit cold but I was dressed for it. And a stop by Disney store.
Halaa at the Pope //
Trying to look a like daddy
and ending by looking like him.. SUPER TIME

coming up to christmas

The other day we started to prepare for our last christmas at Casa Mark. I made some sweets with mommy and prepared the christmas tree with dad,,,,

To be continued

3 Nov in London

We celebrated my 3rd birthday the 3rd of Nov in London Bayswater. Well.. really he brought us and the entire family there for this reason below.

Sweets Sweets and Sweets with whole family


Nando’s and Westfield


And would not be any where else but with IRONMAN

My 3rd birthday

My 3 rd birthday was a blast. Avengers led by Captain America came to Magna cafe.  Super lunch with family and friends. So many presents and so much fun.  THANKS Daddy and Mommy

Batman is Sams Favourite

cuz Anton visiting from Sweden
And Finally the 2 most good looking people on the party. I am hoping to have a date like my mom and a look like amu Ace