Christmas 2018 and new year getaway

Christmas we decided to have with farmor and farfar and as Aunt Yasmin was here but also Amu ahmed we had a great family gathering. Santa came down from the chimney bringing me so many presents. On 24th we flew of to Miami to celebrate new year there. Overall once again a good year and good finish. looking forward to my amazing house next year.

Everybody sayyy TOMATO
If you wonder whio this Jack is, I tell you, apparently he is getting married in to Korkchi family
Why do we have to have same Caps Man. On the way to key west
Give me the ball, Stay calm stay cool, Who am I
Amu Ace is going to have this horse as a logo on his future car.
That his own manufactured
New years eve Mimi vice style
and when we were back lovely time with fFank and Alexander