Coming in to 2020

Its not been so much happening, I have been with grandparents in Sevilla, did some skeeing with daddy and enjoyed the inauguration of Sams new surgery clinic

I must say its Fantastic there
Hmm where I am going ??
It would be good if we could been seen, What kind of idiot took this photot
worlds longest lolly pop
It can only be one heir to the throne
and don’t worry daddy I won’t disappoint you


Cant say much just sorry to all my beloved followers. He changed the login and made sure I could not enter my blog. On top he is so busy he didn’t have time for me and himself ignored to update.. .. Lets see what coming uo now

ahh yeah Thanks this is last summer
thanks again moment of truth you can never leave me alone
I am still enjoying it
starting young to ….
only you man only you can do this
uffff coming to end… you should see it
He gave me nothing bur sweets.. what an idiot
New year at 5

Summer holiday

He took us to LA. Its was a disaster getting there but we got there. Oh my god.

Waiting for the train already feeling Hollywwod
so much time wasted in Madrid and airport. Was getting fed up
Finally arrived and did Show him When I am 18 I want this Car
Coming close to Hollywwod
And finally got STALLONE, PUNCH
I was so fed up with them I did some Yoga in Beverly HIlls
And then he Smashed it GT PREMIUM MUSTANG.
Not Bad Sam NOT BAD
Finally back where I always belong . With lovely Mama

coming end of august

Oh my god Its been a very fast going summer. Really I have had a busy one and been off uploading photos, On top of that daddy has been so busy with work and setting up new businesses so he has been offline. But here we go at least a bit of my life summer 2019.

Wondering if he can get me a new avengers
jasmine graduation in Sweden, love you both
With mommy in Liseberg
having a goof luck
where that ball go….
Ready for amu Ace wedding
Holy shiit I am cool
Beautiful Kristina
Building from nothing
For god sake dad I am not a monkey
Best family ever

His new car

Well he said it seems you have been good at school so lets buy you a new toy, then he finishes the shopping round by getting him self a new car. What a asshole.

coming to easter

moving forward we are close to moving in, well end the year but still going forward. I am still 4 and in charge of a huge building,

I love you farfar
celebrating farmor birthday
the west and east wings is taking shape
Alberto was telling me how to manage these spanish builders
And I replied by pissing on them.

Christmas 2018 and new year getaway

Christmas we decided to have with farmor and farfar and as Aunt Yasmin was here but also Amu ahmed we had a great family gathering. Santa came down from the chimney bringing me so many presents. On 24th we flew of to Miami to celebrate new year there. Overall once again a good year and good finish. looking forward to my amazing house next year.

Everybody sayyy TOMATO
If you wonder whio this Jack is, I tell you, apparently he is getting married in to Korkchi family
Why do we have to have same Caps Man. On the way to key west
Give me the ball, Stay calm stay cool, Who am I
Amu Ace is going to have this horse as a logo on his future car.
That his own manufactured
New years eve Mimi vice style
and when we were back lovely time with fFank and Alexander

My 4th Birthday

Soooo I turned 4 the other Day and because my best friend Atlas is born the same day we decided to have a joint party, We decided to have Turtles theme this year.

The event was held at…

Amzing day and amazing parents

The Cake got F…ed and Leonardo went Mad,

Birthday parents., TIno and super presents

I have been told they are going get married. and I bet i will have more then 1 cousin